Sontag Lab: Clinical machine learning

Our group is particularly interested in machine learning problems motivated by clinical medicine. We work on algorithms for electronic phenotyping in electronic health records, natural language processing from clinical text, disease progression modeling, and predictive analytics on health insurance claims. Our aim is to develop robust methodologies that work directly with the unstructured data found in electronic medical records, and which generalize between institutions without significant manual effort. We collaborate closely with the Emergency Medicine Informatics Research Lab at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, NYU Langone Medical Center, and with Independence Blue Cross.

Open-source software

Anchor Explorer -- Machine learning to predict clinical state (see AMIA 2014 paper below)

PatientViz -- Visualization of longitudinal patient records (see AMIA 2015 abstract below)

Embedding medicine -- Embeddings of medical concepts (see AMIA CRI 2016 paper below)


David Sontag, PhD  -- Principal Investigator


Narges Razavian, PhD
Uri Shalit, PhD

Research Scientists

Jake Marcus
Erika Lage

Ph.D. Students

Rahul G. Krishnan
Yacine Jernite
Yoni Halpern
Rachel Hodos
Joshua Krause
Fredrik Johansson (visiting student)

Masters/Undergraduate Students

Aarti Bagal
Carlos Guzman
Justin Mao-Jones
Maya Rotmensch
Ankit Vani
Jingshu Liu
Aahlad Manas
Katrina Evtimova


Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics (OHDSI)
Steven Horng, MD (Harvard Medical School / Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center)
Saul Blecker, MD, MHS (NYU Langone, Division of Healthcare Delivery Science)
Ann Marie Schmidt, MD (NYU Langone, Director of Diabetes Research Program)
Jonathan Austrian, MD (NYU Langone, Epic Inpatient Medical Director)
Yindalon Aphinyanaphongs, MD, PhD (NYU Langone, Division of Healthcare Delivery Science)
Leora Horwitz, MD, MHS (NYU Langone, Director of Center for Healthcare Innovation and Delivery Science)
Independence Blue Cross: Somesh Nigam, Ravi Chawla, Aaron Smith-McLallen
Enrico Bertini, PhD (NYU School of Engineering)
Joel Dudley, PhD (Mount Sinai School of Medicine)
Nigam Shah, MBBS, PhD (Stanford School of Medicine)

Selected publications and abstracts: