Temporal Convolutional Neural Networks for Diagnosis from Lab Tests


Early diagnosis of treatable diseases is essential for improving healthcare, and many diseases’ onsets are predictable from annual lab tests and their temporal trends. We introduce a multi-resolution convolutional neural network for early detection of multiple diseases from irregularly measured sparse lab values. Our novel architecture takes as input both an imputed version of the data and a binary observation matrix. For imputing the temporal sparse observations, we develop a flexible, fast to train method for differentiable multivariate kernel regression. Our experiments on data from 298K individuals over 8 years, 18 common lab measurements, and 171 diseases show that the temporal signatures learned via convolution are significantly more predictive than baselines commonly used for early disease diagnosis.

arXiv preprint arXiv:1511.07938
Narges Razavian
Narges Razavian

Assistant Professor, NYU School of Medicine

David Sontag
David Sontag
Professor of EECS

My research focuses on advancing machine learning and artificial intelligence, and using these to transform health care.