Instance Segmentation of Indoor Scenes using a Coverage Loss


A major limitation of existing models for semantic segmentation is the inability to identify individual instances of the same class: when labeling pixels with only semantic classes, a set of pixels with the same label could represent a single object or ten. In this work, we introduce a model to perform both semantic and instance segmentation simultaneously. We introduce a new higher-order loss function that directly minimizes the coverage metric and evaluate a variety of region features, including those from a convolutional network. We apply our model to the NYU Depth V2 dataset, obtaining state of the art results.

Proceedings of the 13th European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV)
Nathan Silberman
Nathan Silberman
PhD student

Butterfly Network

David Sontag
David Sontag
Professor of EECS

My research focuses on advancing machine learning and artificial intelligence, and using these to transform health care.